Business card Gina In B747 Engine

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Gina Sitting @ Hotel Room Desk Gina touching relief statue in Europe

Above: Gina on the road at yet another hotel (left). Gina in Belgium (right).

Gina in Paris Gina with statue in New Orleans

Above: Gina in Las Vegas (left). Gina in New Orleans (right).

Gina With Large Miami Bag Gina In Cozumel

Above: Gina in the Caribbean (left). Next to a HUGE chair (right).

Gina at a local market Gina with bottle cap hat at Kentucky Derby

Above: Gina at a local Belizian market (left). Gina and husband wearing bottle cap hats at the Kentucky Derby (right).

Gina with 2012 New Years glasses Gina @ New Years Eve Party

Above: Gina at the Palmer House Hotel (Chicago) on New Year's Eve.

Gina with Willie Nelson Gina with Willie Nelson guitar

Above: Gina at a Willie Nelson concert (left). Gina holding guitar and wearing the bandana that Willie threw to her during the concert (right).

Gina on cruise ship Gina with horse in New Orleans

Above: Gina on a cruise ship observing the customer service (left). Gina thanking her friend for a great carriage ride (right).